About Us

Welcome to our site dedicated to vintage computers !

Why 1000 bit ?

There are so many sites about  vintage computers and the good names are gone… You have to read 1000 in binary digits !
Yes ! We are talking about 8 bit computer, but also about everything that is personal computer’s history. So here you can find also information about your computer with the good 68000, for example ! 1000 bit is talking about all  the bits history.

Why are we here ?

For fun. Yes, that’s all, for fun. We are working at this site in our spare time, and so sometime you could find this site not working or with strange errors, but don’t worry, at the end, everything will run fine, perhaps !
We are collecting not only computers, but also manuals, documentation,. brochure, advertisings, tips & triks, infos and everything about old computers and people who invented and worked on them,  with them.
If you notice that the site is not updated often as you would like, remember: we are playing with our old computer !

Yes, to play with these old computers it’s our first goal, after that there is all our passion in this hobby that bring us to find the old manuals, to try to repair these machines or simply to polish them. 

Why should you be here ?

Here you can find not only some useful informations about old computers but also old advertising, old brochures, old magazines or manuals.

Well, this site has been thought to help you to keep track of all your old stuff!
To maintain your collection on this site you need to fill a simple registration form in order to get your personal UserId and Password. You can decide to keep your collection private, in this way your collection will be visible only by you, the owner.

How add a computer to your collection ?
First you need to find the computer in database, then you’ll find on the left a link button to add that computer to your collection and then you can add others info like acquisition date, the status of the machine etc. etc. It’s harder to explain than to do!!
Remember, this function is available only when you are logged in.

On the form you can fill all the fields you need, like the acquisition date, the status of the machine ecc. ecc.

Don’t let these old friends disappear in this way!


That’s all, it’s easy and it’s free! 

– o –